SESSION 8 General TCEs 2

03 Apr 2019
Hotel Academia

SESSION 8 General TCEs 2

15:50 Gijs Du Laing, Ghent University, Belgium

Recent progress in technologies to remove and recover TCEs from low-concentrated liquid waste and process streams

16:05 Aleksandra Dimitrijevic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Evaluation of task-specific ionic-liquids based aqueous two-phase systems as a separation platform for purification of technology-critical elements

16:20 Iryna Klimkina, National Technical University, Dnipro, Ukraine

Mining Wastes in Ukraine as Secondary Sources of Valuable/Toxic Metals

16:35 Eric van Hullebusch, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France

Bioleaching and biorecovery of technology critical elements from WEEE

16:50 Closing Remarks & Goodbye