SESSION 5 Less studied TCEs 2

03 Apr 2019
Hotel academia

SESSION 5 Less studied TCEs 2

9:00 Invited talk

Sarah Hayes, U. S. Geological Survey, USA

Environmental Behavior of Tellurium in Mine Tailings

9:20 Montserrat Filella, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Less-studied TCEs in the environment: impact of COST action TD1407

9:35 Josep Galceran, Universitat de Lleida, Spain

Indium under scrutiny with AGNES: speciation in solution and dissolution of nanoparticles

9:50 Teba Gil-Díaz, Université de Bordeaux, France

Tellurium behaviour in a major European fluvial-estuarine system (Gironde, France): fluxes, solid/liquid partitioning, and bioaccumulation in wild oysters

10:05 Sarah Jane White, US Geological Survey, USA

The Biogeochemistry of Germanium in Mine Wastes

10:20 Jhy-Chern Liu, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Subcritical water extraction of indium from indium tin oxide scrap using organic acid solutions