No accommodation arrangements are made by the organizers.

Please check directly with hotels or use any vendor of your choice, e.g. Booking, Trivago, Expedia, etc.

Few options that could be considered

Hotel Academia (where the meeting will be held)

We have 20 rooms reserved for our meeting until March 8 2019 (after this date the room will not be kept for us). Prices for the meeting participants: 80 EUR single room +35 EUR for double room.

Registration code: COST IRB 2019. Guests who book should send the hotel an e-mail with a reservation code in the title and of course the number of persons and the desired period of stay. Please use one of the following emails for reservations: recepcija@hotelacademia.hr or prodaja@hotelacademia.hr

Please note that because the rooms are reserved for us no direct booking through the hotel website or other websites are available.

For the hotel policy and requested reservation information please click here

The rooms reserved are for the period of  April 1 2019 – April 4, 2019 if you need room for longer stay please notify the hotel directly and they will check availability, most probably, the price will be the same

Hotel Jadran

Single room approx. 68 EUR; double room approx. 80 EUR.


A list of hotels in Zagreb can be found here