The current significant knowledge gaps regarding TCEs environmental levels, fate, and their potential (eco)toxicological impact, are explained, mainly, by their typical ultra-trace concentrations and, to date, TCEs analytical determination is still considered difficult and/or time-consuming. Until the very recent boost in TCEs applications, the study of these elements was not linked to any significant industrial role (apart from some biomedical applications) or products, limiting the assessment of their environmental fate and (eco)toxicological impacts to curiosity-based studies of a handful of scientists. This combination of increasing use and, in turn, unavoidable release, together with their unknown toxicity, makes TCEs emerging inorganic contaminants of substantial concern.

This meeting aims to bring together researchers and stakeholders working on different aspects of TCEs sources, fate and impact in the envirnment. The meeting is the final meeting of the NOTICE COST action – Network on Technology-Critical Elements: From Environmental Processes to Human Health Threats and includes represtatives from 24 European countries.